If WE won't eat it! YOU won't eat it!


About Us

Pete has 16+ years experience in the kitchen. He knows how to cook American, Seafood, Indian and his specialty, Traditional Mexican Cuisine! He has been everything from a Cook, to a Butcher, to working in Steakhouses, to eventually becoming a Trainer and has even opened/saved from closing a few restaurants throughout Sacramento all the way to Las Vegas, NV.  The man knows how to flavor! I have 17+ years working in Customer Service. I have worked in  Food/Retail/Sales Services and went to school for Business Entrepreneurship. We have always enjoyed feeding our friends and family. Now we want to feed and Cater to everyone!! 

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Everything is made FRESH to order & ALL salsas and sauces are made from scratch!

The Team- Pete and Angi "At your order!"

Our first Catering gig in January 2017

Can you find TACOS Pedrito?